the BOWIE tribute - a Bowie celebration - 16/3

Welcome to an experience of the everlasting hits - Rebel Rebel, Let's Dance, Starman, China Girl, Under Pressure and of course, Ziggy Stardust and many more - when the Danish Copenhagen-based tribute act the BOWIE tribute, pay tribute to David Bowie's musical legacy with love and international presence, live from stages in Denmark and around Scandinavia.

the Bowie tribute play songs from David Bowie's huge and eternal catalog with nerve and great emotion - songs that forever changed the contemporary view of pop and rock music. The band pays tribute and respect to a musical icon - David Bowie - with enthusiasm and love!

the BOWIE tribute - with an international sound and voice, featuring charismatic lead singer and frontman Michael Saxe Bjørn - deliver magical, powerful, and atmospheric versions of Bowie's legendary songs with authenticity, energy, and presence.

Join us for a genuine Bowie experience!

the BOWIE tribute

Michael Saxe Bjørn - Lead vocal & guitar,
Ruja Fanny Maanebye - Backing vocals,
Frank Larsen- Bass,
John Kenneth - Guitar
Lars Bertelsen - Drums
Finn Markwardt - Keyboards and piano.

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Datum: 16 mars 2024

Tid: 19.30 - 21.30

Pris: 395 kr

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(+45) 51 24 49 79



Insläpp: 19.00
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