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At the adult education in Varberg, you can take courses in SFI, Swedish for immigrants and get guidance from our study counselors. We also offer education at a primary school and upper secondary school level.

SFI, Swedish for immigrants

The SFI course will give you basic knowledge and understanding of the Swedish language. You will learn to speak, read and write in Swedish. You will also learn to use Swedish in your everyday life. After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate.

Who can study SFI?

  • You must be registered as a resident in the municipality of Varberg
  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You do not have any previous knowledge of Swedish

If you are an EU/EES citizen or citizen of Switzerland and have a right of residence, you can also study SFI. You do not need to be registered as a resident in the municipality of Varberg, but you must live here.

Course registration

To register for an SFI course, please apply through our online service "Ansökan till SFI" (information in English available):

Course times

SFI is a flexible course that allows you to study alongside your usual work, practical training or other education. You can choose to study SFI in the daytime or in the evenings. We also offer flexible independent studies after assessment by the education coordinator.

A daytime course in SFI typically involves 15–20 hours of studying a week.


The tuition and the books you need for the course will not cost you anything. But you will have to pay for your own dictionaries, pens and notebooks.

As an SFI student, you are not entitled to apply for a student grant.


SFI is divided in four courses: SFI A, B, C and D. When you have completed the SFI D course, you will receive a certificate.


Do you fulfil the requirements for studying SFI and have previous knowledge of Swedish? Then you can take an examination to test your knowledge, without having to participate in an SFI course.

If you have failed a previous SFI course, the examination will not cost you anything. Otherwise, the examination will cost 500 kronor.


We speak Swedish and English. You are welcome to contact us on e-mail sfi@varberg.se.

Study and career guidance

All adults within the municipality of Varberg can contact our study and career guiders. They are here to answer any questions that you may have about future studies and career choices.

They can help you plan your studies. If you are planning on studying at university or college, it is important that you choose the right course for you. They can also help you create a personal study plan. You can ask them any question that you may have about the application process or admission requirements.

Education on a primary and upper secondary school level

Adult education on a primary school level offers courses that are equal to those up until 9th grade. The courses are customized to fit adults.

The upper secondary school level of adult education is based on your personal needs. You can take single courses in general school subjects. You can also take courses for specific professions (vocational training), in some cases in combination with courses in Swedish.

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