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Welcome to Varberg

We are proud to welcome you to Varberg.

Varberg is in constant growth. On top of that our city and municipality almost double its population during the summer, due to our long tradition as a spa- and holiday resort.

We constantly receive new citizens, visitors and companies that find our city center, seaside and countryside to be the perfect place for them too.

Welcome to the creative hotspot of West Sweden!

Porträttbild  Ann-Charlotte Stenkil (M)

Chairman of the municipal board,
mayor of Varberg

Mrs. Ann-Charlotte Stenkil (M) 
E-mail: ann-charlotte.olsson.stenkil@varberg.se

Tobias Carlsson

1 st Deputy chairman of the
municipal board, 1st deputy mayor

Mr. Tobias Carlsson (L)
E-mail: tobias.carlsson@varberg.se

Borgerlig vigselförrättare, Anette Sjöberg, tjänsteman.

2and Deputy chairman of the
municipal board, 2and deputy mayor

Mrs. Jeanette Qvist (S)
E-mail: jeanette.qvist@varberg.se

About Varberg

Varberg – the creative hotspot of West Sweden, has a land area of 874,4 square kilome­ters and covers a coastline of 60 kilometers. Out of 65 000 inhabitants, about 30 000 live in the city of Varberg, while the rest of the population lives in the countryside or in one of the 16 villages. The population is steadily growing, Varberg is constantly evolving and many exciting and large-scale projects are underway!

Tourist activities – things to do in Varberg

Varberg offers a varied range of outdoor activities. The seaside town is noted as Northern Europe’s best windsurfing water and Varberg is also called Sweden’s Health Resort, with a spa culture that goes 200 years back in time. With 63 kilometers of cycle paths, 145 lakes, several golf courses, spa resorts, wandering paths in beautiful beech forests, farmers’ market twice a week and even a sheep farm open for visitors, there is always something to do!

The beautiful beach promenade is 2,5 kilometers long and passes both rocks, sandy beaches and a few of Varberg’s most well-known buildings. One of them is the fortress from the 13th century, which today holds a popular museum. 14 kilometers from the city, you can also visit the famous transmitter station in Grimeton, a world heritage from 1924.

For more facts about these and many other activities, as well as information about hotels, hostels, shopping, restaurants, concerts, shows and entertainment, please go to visitvarberg.se External link..

New to Sweden, new to Varberg

If you are new to Sweden and want to know more about the Swedish society, visit Information Sverige. It brings you all the information in several different languages.

informationsverige.se External link, opens in new window.

If you are interested in the reception of immigrants in Varberg municipality you’ll find information here:

Immigration - invandring och integration.

Organisational structure in Varberg

Varberg municipality is a politically governed organization. It holds political boards, administration departments and corporations. The municipal council is the highest political decision-making body, this is where overall goals and guidelines are set. The municipal government in turn has overall responsibility for the economy and development of Varberg, and will also ensure that the city council's decisions are implemented, monitored and evaluated.

A Swedish municipality is required by law to offer certain services for its citizens. This covers care for the elderly and for people with functional limitations, support for individuals, families and children, education, community planning, environmental protection, sanitation in public areas, waste disposal, water and drain as well as emergency services. Many municipalities, including Varberg, are also involved in culture and leisure services, energy and heating supply, accommodation/housing, industry and commerce.

To accomplish the above, Varberg municipality has about 4 700 employees working with service and development in 140 different professions.

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